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Volunteer Terms Of Use

V-O-Cal V Match is an on line, searchable database of volunteer and training events (hereafter "Volunteer Opportunities") offered by California's land managers, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and community organizations (hereafter "Organizational Users") connecting individuals and groups with volunteer stewardship opportunities. V-O-Cal V Match is a free service, open to any person or Organizational User and is intended to provide information and registration services for outdoor related Volunteer Opportunities. Volunteers for Outdoor California (hereafter VOC) hosts and administers the V-O-Cal V Match web site and database management system.

Volunteer Opportunities (including educational events and internships) that fall within the following definition of stewardship (adopted from the Blueprint for Outdoor Stewardship) are included on V-O-Cal V Match:

Stewardship of California's public and protected lands and natural resources is the responsible use and care of these natural resources through:

  • Encouraging California's citizens and visitors to develop an ethic about appropriate use of protected lands and natural resources,
  • Promoting conservation and sustainability,
  • Caring for the health of the land for future generations,
  • Providing educational opportunities,
  • Active care for and management of resources with the goal of improving or maintaining ecological health.

V-O-Cal V Match is intended as a community service to engage community members in land stewardship activities as described above. Volunteer Opportunities are screened for appropriate content, however, V-O-Cal V Match and VOC make no representations or warranties about the nature, validity, or quality of any posted Volunteer Opportunity nor is any Volunteer Opportunity endorsed by V-O-Cal V Match. No representations about the quality of the Volunteer Opportunity is made by V-O-Cal V Match about any opportunity listed on this website. Volunteer is encouraged to look into all opportunities to determine his/her suitability for that Volunteer Opportunity. Registration for a Volunteer Opportunity is with the posting agency or organization, not with V-O-Cal V Match. Questions about a specific opportunity or registration should be directed to the posting organization.

In general, when you visit V-O-Cal V Match and look at the web site, you remain anonymous. You do not have to register or provide any data in order to look at information on the site. You may decide you would like to register for a particular Volunteer Opportunity(ies) and/or establish a Volunteer Profile. In such cases, information will be collected from you and used by Organizational Users of V-O-Cal V Match as described below.

When you register for a Volunteer Opportunity through the V-O-Cal V Match website, name and contact information is collected in order to communicate with you as a registered volunteer. In addition, some Organizational Users of V-O-Cal V Match may ask for certain medical information pertaining to your physical condition and ability to safely participate in certain types of activities (e.g. heavy lifting at high altitude) in order for them to ascertain your physical capability to participate in their specific Volunteer Opportunity. Organizational Users have agreed that they will make no use of your information except for the purposes specified in this paragraph (e.g. communication with you and determination of physical capacity).

Information provided through registration for a specific Volunteer Opportunity is for the sole use of the organization posting that opportunity and cannot be accessed by other Organizational Users of the V-O-Cal V Match web site and database management system.

In addition to registration for a specific opportunity, you may choose to create a Volunteer Profile on V-O-Cal V Match and opt to receive communication from identified Organizational Users about Volunteer Opportunities matching your interests and profile. In such cases, as authorized by you, Organizational Users may contact you about specified Volunteer Opportunities.

As a service to all users, V-O-Cal V Match provides links to third party sites. Any link included does not imply or convey endorsement of the other company or organization, its site, or its products or services. V-O-Cal V Match and VOC are not responsible for the privacy, terms of use, or other policies of any other website. You are encouraged to review the privacy policies of any web site you visit.

Certain Volunteer Opportunities have limits on attendance. Please only register for opportunities that you are able to attend. If you have registered and cannot attend a Volunteer Opportunity, please notify the posting organization (either via the V-O-Cal V Match website or directly) as soon as possible to make room for other volunteers.

In order to be able to communicate with you about Volunteer Opportunities and/or ascertain your ability to participate in certain types of activities, it is important to have accurate information. By clicking on the acceptance button, you affirm that information provided when registering for a Volunteer Opportunity and/or completing a Volunteer Profile is true and correct. You can help V-O-Cal V Match maintain the accuracy of your information by updating your profile and any contact information on the V-O-Cal V Match website as changes occur.

If you decide you no longer want to receive email information or any contact from Organizational Users, you can opt-out at any time by logging in and modifying or deleting your V-O-Cal V Match Profile account online. If you would like to view or change your current status, please click here.

In an effort to improve the products, services and features provided to you, V-O-Cal V Match and VOC will continue to implement new technologies from time to time. As a result, this policy is subject to change without prior notice and we will post any revision on this web site. We encourage you to review our privacy policy periodically. When you register with us or complete a Volunteer Profile, you accept this Privacy Policy.

Volunteers for Outdoor California is not responsible for any unauthorized use of your information made by any Organizational User on the V-O-Cal V Match website.

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V-O-Cal V Match is provided by the community of agencies and organizations who manage California's public and protected lands. This website connects people with opportunities to care for California's outstanding natural resources.

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