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Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is very important to us. We recognize that providing us with your personal information is an act of trust and we want to reciprocate by explaining how your personal information is used at the V-O-Cal V Match website. If you have any questions about this document, or how your information is used, please send us an email: administrator@v-o-cal.org

Use of Personal Information

In general, when you visit our website and view information about opportunities, agencies, or resources, you remain anonymous. We do not require you to register or provide personal information to us to view our site.

We do require contact information, including a valid email address and a mailing address, to create an account. This information is not made available to partner organizations or agencies at V-O-Cal V Match unless you either register for an opportunity or agree in your profile to be contacted directly by a project manager.

Third-Party Websites

We provide links to third-party websites. Since we do not control those websites, we encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on any third-party websites.


Cookies are small files sent from a Web server to your computer through your browser program. There are two types of cookies: non-persistent and persistent cookies.

A non-persistent cookie enables a Web site to temporarily keep information on your computer as you travel from one page to another on our site. This cookie is automatically deleted from your machine when you close your browser. Because these cookies are necessary to provide some functions, failure to allow such cookies may make some of the functions on our website unavailable to you.

A persistent cookie is kept even when you close your browser. You can manually delete these cookies using commands specific to your browser and computer system. These cookies store information that would generally not change from session to session. They also contain information that would need to be reentered by you each time you visit the website. For example, a common use of persistent cookies is to allow a registered site visitor to enter the site without having to specify their user id and password.

Use of Cookies

V-O-Cal V Match uses cookies for various reasons. V-O-Cal V Match only reads cookies written by our site. We do not use cookies to obtain information on other websites that you may visit. We may use cookies to store some history about the parts of our sites that you have visited to help you navigate our site more easily or to alert you to related pages on our site that may interest you.

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V-O-Cal V Match is provided by the community of agencies and organizations who manage California's public and protected lands. This website connects people with opportunities to care for California's outstanding natural resources.

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