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V-O-Cal V Match is a website and associated statewide volunteer recruitment campaign to help Coloradans get involved in caring for their public lands. The goal of the V-O-Cal V Match Program is to dramatically increase the number of volunteers engaged in the protection and preservation of the parks, wildlife, trails, rivers, and open spaces that make California an unparalleled place to live and play. The website includes a searchable database of volunteer and training opportunities. The V-O-Cal V Match volunteer recruitment campaign inspires Californiaans to search for volunteer opportunities at V-O-Cal V Match with more than 150 land managers and nonprofits, find opportunities that match their skills and interests, and sign up to volunteer.

Criteria for volunteer opportunities appropriate to post to V-O-Cal V Match:

  • The event or opportunity requires the participation of volunteers.
  • The event or opportunity is related to outdoor conservation, education or recreation on California's Public Lands.
  • The information submitted does not contain offensive material.

Items not appropriate to post to V-O-Cal V Match include:

  • Employment opportunities.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Volunteers for special events like expositions or conventions.
  • Submitted events are reviewed before they post for public access to assure that they meet criteria.

V-O-Cal V Match Website Features

V Match

  • An easy-to-search, up-to-date, database of outdoor volunteer and training opportunities
  • A referral system that uses personalized information to notify volunteers about opportunities that match their skills and interests as they become available
  • Secure registration for volunteer opportunities
  • An automated communication system that links land managers and nonprofits with registered volunteers
  • Easy to use, real time volunteer opportunity posting and updating for land managers and nonprofits
  • Management and reporting tools for land managers and nonprofits

V Library

  • A soon-to-be-developed library of land stewardship information including how to build trails, plant trees, and organize outdoor volunteer projects

Why the V-O-Cal V Match Program was developed

During 2001-02, a Blueprint for Outdoor Stewardship (Blueprint) was developed by Volunteers for Outdoor California (VOC) with assistance from more than 40 local, state, and federal public land management agencies and private sector organizations together with hundreds of knowledgeable volunteers in the land stewardship community. Download the Blueprint from our library.

The focus of the Blueprint is volunteers; significantly increasing their numbers, developing their expertise, and greatly enhancing capacity to recruit, train, and deploy volunteers for land stewardship projects throughout California. A primary Blueprint strategy is to address the statewide need for timely access to land stewardship information by developing an integrated, user friendly resource. The V-O-Cal V Match website is that resource. A second primary Blueprint strategy is to create improved and coordinated marketing capacity for outdoor volunteer programs statewide. The V-O-Cal V Match volunteer recruitment campaign addresses this strategy.

Who developed the V-O-Cal V Match program

V-O-Cal V Match is the outcome of a collaborative effort between land management agencies, conservation organizations and the business community. Volunteers for Outdoor California has been pleased to facilitate the development of the V-O-Cal V Match website and is coordinating the implementation of the V-O-Cal V Match volunteer recruitment campaign.

VOC acknowledges and thanks the California State Trails Program, Firman Fund, Gates Family Foundation, Leighty Foundation, and REI for their enormous generosity and leadership in helping to develop and launch the V-O-Cal V Match database and web site.

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V-O-Cal V Match is provided by the community of agencies and organizations who manage California's public and protected lands. This website connects people with opportunities to care for California's outstanding natural resources.

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